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28-03-2015      05:08
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EMCO CNC Machine Tools for Industrial Training

Supplying Technical Production, Education & Training Equipment.
"Tailored to the future"

Made in the Heart of Europe

Emco is the worlds No.1 supplier of CNC machine tools and support software for education, offering the most advanced CNC machines designed specifically for technical training anywhere in the world. Over over 20,000 CNC machines have been sold to training and education customers worldwide plus EMCO are an internationally successful manufacturer of CNC machine tools for industrial production, utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and control technology.






Concept Turn 55

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 Further Education

The future is for everyone: The concept of EMCO Industrial Training.

The EMCO Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machine tools. Its two commitments  "Made in the Heart of Europe" and "Design to Cost" are the main factors in the success of the international company, which stands for functional design and the highest quality standards.

With over 25 years experience, EMCO offers its customers state-of-the-art modular training concepts which meet the most modern industrial demands. Based on its extensive industrial expertise, EMCO industrial training allows for the smooth transfer of knowledge from theory to actual production. EMCO also offer the latest technology with user friendly interfaces providing access for all learners and facilities to utilise the equipment within a university, college or  training/apprentice wing.

The future is for everyone: The concept of EMCO Industrial Training

For ordering information please call us direct so we can discuss your exact requirements enabling a more concise quote, thank you.

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