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31-03-2015      06:01
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 Wabeco D2400E Conventional Lathe

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D2400E Lathe

For All Lathes

5-year warranty
We guarantee ultimate precision due to production in Germany on state-of-the-art machine .
Tools made to toolmaker’s accuracy with test report.
With electronically infinitely variable drive30 – 2300 r.p.m.
Equipped with a strong work spindle drive with dynamic, speed-controlled main drive motor, which can be adjusted by means of potentiometer over a wide range of cutting speed with single-phase inverse speed motor 1,4 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz as a direct current model with continuous r.p.m.
Surveillance work spindle bore dia 20 mm (optional dia 30 mm)
Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of work spindle
With leading spindle drive and change gear quadrant for thread cutting
Automatic longitudinal feed constant torque throughout the entire speed range also available in
110V - 60 Hz and inch models


… especially for lathes D2400 E

    precision lathe chuck with turning and drilling jaw
fixed lathe centre MT2
optional - change gears set for metric (0,4-4,0 mm) and inch (10-32 TPI) threads (No. 10179)


 with 3-jaw lathe chuck dia 100 mm     Buy Now or Check Price                       Order No. 10200

 with 3-jaw lathe chuck dia 125 mm     Buy Now or Check Price                       Order No. 10201

with 4-jaw lathe chuck dia 125 mm      Buy Now or Check Price                       Order No. 10202

 2 axis DRO also available Buy Now or Check Price


Work Spindle Bore Diam 30 mm

no retrofitting
without morse taper



Order No. 10278

Change Gears Set

 for optional retrofitting
for metric (0.4-4.0mm) and inch (10-32TPI) threads
the change gears are part of the standard equipment for the D3000E


Change Gear Set 

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      Order No. 10179

Pair of Toothed Wheels for Left-Hand Thread

for optional retrofitting



      Order No. 10180



Pan for Coolant and Cuttings

 for optional retrofitting
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 Order No. 10175

Base Cabinet

H 85 x W 106 x D 45 cmBase Cabinet

with 2 lockable doors and 2 shelves
made of powder-coated sheet steel 

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Order No. 10267








Levelling Elements

Levelling Elements

vibration pick up and absorption element

Ø 80 mm, thread M10prevents the machine and cabinet moving
for precise height adjustment on uneven ground 
4 levelling elements are required per cabinet/machine 

pack. unit: 1 piece
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                    Order No. 10268










 Coolant Unit





 Coolant Unit with Splash Guard

for optional retrofitting

for cooling and lubrication
complete with feed pump 230 V, 50 Hz 
flexible hose with stop valve and nozzle content coolant: 19 litres.

Application: i.e. when processing high alloy steel and aluminium, improves the surface finish, increases tool endurance, prevents built-up edges, maintains dimensional accuracy of work pieces

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Angle Plate with Milling Table

can be traversed in 3 axis
work bench 130 x 100 mm
work bench can be rotated infinetely variable 360°
for optional retrofitting
for drilling and milling

Angle plate with milling table

Order No. 10270                                         Buy Now or Check Price




Start Set 1

  for lathes D2000 E/D2400 EStart Set 1

universal carbide tipped tools set 6-pieces
Live lathe centre MT2
Precision quick-action drill chuck 
Taper shaft for drill chuck

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Order No. 10990


Start set 2

n    for lathes D2000 E/D2400 E/D3000 E

consisting of:

universal carbide tipped tools set 6-pieces
precision quick-action drill chuck
taper shaft for drill chuck
quick-change tool holder, basic body
holder for drill steel
holder for turning steel
Live lathe centre MT2


for D2000 E/D2400E                        Buy Now or Check

                          Order No. 10991

for D3000 E
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                           Order No. 10992


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