Wabeco Lathes with Prismatic Cast Iron Beds

View of Gear Train

You want to turn with precision!
WABECO lathes guarantee you ultimate precision
covering the entire working range of the machine. Production in Germany on state-of-the-art machine tools guarantees this. The result is WABECO lathes made to toolmaker’s accuracy
You want quality!
WABECO lathes are produced on state-of-the-art machine tools with a machine precision in accordance with DIN (German Industrial Norm). In order to guarantee our quality, we run tests during assembly and perform a written final test report. This is composed of, among other things, (declaration of average-value specifications): truth of rotation of the work spindle 0,005 mm, cylindrical turning with finishing cut to 100 mm flying 0,01 mm, cylindrical turning with finishing cut to 300 mm between centres 0,015 mm.

Drilling with a Fixed Steady

You want a robust lathe!
By means of the powerful and infinitely variable drive, it is possible, for example, with round bars of steel with a diameter of 50 mm, to turn down diameters by 10 mm with one feed operation. We would be pleased to proof it to you.
You want a wear-free lathe!
Swarf scrapers with felt in the tool slide prevent dirt and swarf entering the guideways.
You want generations of use!
This is guaranteed by in-house design and construction. The supply of replacement parts is also guaranteed for decades.

Thread Cutting

You want expert advice!
If you have technical inquiries or you wish to be advised in selecting the most suitable machine and the corresponding accessories for your requirements, our      WABECO team is at your disposal for advice.
You want safety!
The lathes’ electrical systems have been constructed in accordance with the VDE (Association of German electrical technicians’ regulations).
You want a warranty!
We offer you a 5-year warranty - the warranty does not cover parts subject to wear
Engine bed - the hardened, rigid machine bed is made of multiple diagonally ribbed grey cast iron. The vee guides are ground.
High torque - on the work spindle allows working without problems even in the lower speed ranges for example when machining materials which are hard and difficult to cut.
Extremely silent running by means of modern, electronically regulated drive technology.
Rigid work spindle -the rigid work spindle is mounted on 2 adjustable precision DIN tapered roller bearings. The centering of the work spindle nose is in accordance with DIN 6350

Inside Turning
Tailstock - the housing is made of grey cast iron and centered on the engine bed by means of a hand scraped vee groove.
Tumble gear - can be switched on alternatively for left or right hand thread.
Universal adjustable cross table -all parts of the cross table are made of high-quality grey cast iron and the dovetail guides are adjustable and play-free.Milled graduations in the graduated collars make cuts in the hundredths range possible. The upper slide can be rotated 360° on the transverse slide in order to turn different tapers.

Powerful tailstock -in order to turn slender tapers, the upper part of the tailstock can be adjusted. The tailstock sleeve is provided with a internal morse taper MT2.
A graduated scale on the sleeve allows the depth setting to be read.
The ON-OFF switch is equipped with a low voltage release,i.e. the machine will not re-start automatically in the event of a power failure. The drive electronics are equipped with a multiple fault monitoring circuit and this permits a smooth start under all operation conditions.
Easy maintenance -WABECO lathes are easy to maintain because all the modules are easy to reach. The modules can easily be removed for repair purposes.

Tail stock quick action lever


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