Emco Compact 8, 8E and V8 Lathes

Emco Compact 8, 8E and V8 Lathes
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125mm 3 jaw lathe Chuck and Backplate for Compact 8/8E
Precision Scroll Chuck - 125mm dia. 3 Jaw Lathe Chuck 2x3 jaws supplied with separate mounting ..
Ex Tax: £195.00
Backplate 125mm for Compact 8 Lathe 125mm backplate premachined for chuck and main spindle of the..
Ex Tax: £45.00
4 Jaw Independent Chuck 125mm dia
4 Jaw Independent Chuck 125mm dia - Compact 8 125mm 4 jaw independent lathe chuck comes with moun..
Ex Tax: £110.00
4 jaw Scroll Chuck 125mm dia for Compact 8
Precision Scroll Chuck - 125mm 4 Jaw Self Centring Lathe Chuck 2x4 jaws with Pre-machined Flange to ..
Ex Tax: £275.00
4 Way Tool Post
4 Way Tool Post for Emco Compact 8/8E lathes Also suits Emcomat 8.4/8.6 lathes ..
Ex Tax: £40.00
Adapter Plate
Adapter Plate  Has factory special DIN55021 fitting to accept the lathe chucks and coll..
Ex Tax: £44.00
Boring/Facing Head 50mm ..
Ex Tax: £145.00
Boxed Set of 10 Brazed Carbide Tip Turning Tools 8x8mm
Boxed Set of 10 Brazed Carbide Tip Turning Tools 8x8mm Consisting of: Boring Tool Roughing Bo..
Ex Tax: £33.00
Centre Turning Set
Compact 8 Centre Turning Set With MT2 and MT3 dead centres and driver pin and lathe dog ..
Ex Tax: £28.00
Change Gear 40t for Compact 8, 8E, V8   Please check below to ensure you have..
Ex Tax: £27.08
Chuck Mounting Flange-replaced by 766020
Chuck Mounting Flange For mounting Compact 8 lathe chuck to Vertical Slide unit, or cross slide&..
Ex Tax: £44.00
Compact 8 3 jaw lathe chuck 125mm
Compact 8 3 jaw lathe Chuck 125mm 3 Jaw Self Centring lathe Chuck 2x3 jaws with pre-machined moun..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Compact 8 Soft Jaws set of 4
Compact 8 Soft Jaws Set of 4 125mm Soft Jaws For 703041 4 jaw self centring Compact 8 lathe c..
Ex Tax: £35.00
ESX 25 Collet Holder for Compact 8 Lathe
ESX25 Collet Holder for main spindle Compact 8 lathe range. Mounts directly to spindle with the s..
Ex Tax: £50.00
HSS Lathe Tool Set 12 x 12 mm
HSS Lathe Tool Set 12x12 MM High quality set of 8 ground HSS lathe tools with a cross sectio..
Ex Tax: £72.50
Live Centre 2MT
Live Centre 2 MorseTaper This will fit the Compact 8, Super 11 and V10P lathes Triple bearing ..
Ex Tax: £30.00
Machine Base
Machine base with lockable cabinet and removeable chiptray. ..
Ex Tax: £380.00
Machine Vice
Machine Vice - Compact 8 60mm wide jaws x 60mm opening Vice is 50mm high to top of jaws. Base..
Ex Tax: £118.00
Adapter for 713000/713200 to mount in rear of lathe bed...
Ex Tax: £84.00
Quick Change Tool Post
Quick Change Tool Post with 1 Standard Tool Holder. All steel contruction For tools up to 8 x ..
Ex Tax: £70.00

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