Emco Unimat Basic PC Lathe

Emco Unimat Basic PC Lathe
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10 Carbide Tips
Set of 10 indexable inserts carbide tips for 172040, 172060 Reversible tips so you get two cuttin..
Ex Tax: £49.00
4 jaw independent Lathe Chuck
55mm Diameter 4 Jaw Independent Chuck for Unimat 3 Unimat 4 and Unimat Basic PC Independent Rever..
Ex Tax: £89.00
4 jaw self centring lathe chuck
4 Jaw Self Centring Chuck 50mm diameter with M14 x 1 mount for the Unimat 3, 4 Basic P..
Ex Tax: £92.00
Arrand Miniature Boring Head
Arrand Miniature Boring Head Easy to use small boring head with a female M14x1 fitting. For t..
Ex Tax: £112.00
Boring Bar 10 x 6mm
 Boring bar for Unimat lathes and Compact 5 lathe 10mm dia x 6mm Shank is machined with..
Ex Tax: £28.00
Carbide Tipped Tools Set of 3
Carbide Tipped Tools Set of 3 turning tools 8mm x 8mm with 5 indexable carbide tips. Hei..
Ex Tax: £53.00
Clamping Plate 80mm dia.
Clamping Plate 80mm dia - with clamping set. To fit Unimat 3/4 and Basic All cast steel contru..
Ex Tax: £52.00
Clamping Set
Small clamp Set - Unimat 3/4, Unimat Basic and Compact 5 lathes  2 clamps with T bolts a..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Cut Off Tool out of stock - see 703172
Parting off toolholder 6mm shank and HSS blade. Out of stock-but see alternative part no.703172 ..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Cutter arbor
Mounting Mandrel for Slitting Saw Blade 123100, cutters or gear milling cutters with 16m..
Ex Tax: £21.00
3 Jaw Drill Chuck Clamping up to 8mm with Operating Key. For use with Unimat 3 or 4 or Basic lath..
Ex Tax: £32.00
Face Plate
Face Plate with Drive Dog and Centre M14 x 1 mount for Unimat 3 Unimat 4 and Unimat Basic PC ..
Ex Tax: £30.00
Fly Cutter
Fly Cutter with 1 HSS Pre-ground Tool. 8mm shank dia - use with 152500 drill chuck or with a ..
Ex Tax: £20.00
Indexing Attachment
Indexing and Dividing Attachment 22 possible divisions with integral dividing plate 2,3,4,5,6,7,8..
Ex Tax: £75.00
65mm 3 Jaw Self Centring Chuck For Unimat Basic PC, Unmat 3 and Unimat 4 lathes ..
Ex Tax: £80.00
Lathe Chuck 65mm dia with T key
3 Jaw Self Centring Chuck with T Key. For the Unimat 3, Unimat 4, Unimat Basic PC&..
Ex Tax: £98.00
Machine Vice
Machine Vice with 32mm opening, 46mm jaw width. Supplied with fixing screws and T nuts For ..
Ex Tax: £49.00
Machine Vice - sorry out of stock-see 200310
Machine vice - Unimat 3/4 With 25mm opening. Machined from solid steel.   ..
Ex Tax: £39.00
Parting Off HSS blade for 703171 and 703172
Parting off  HSS blade. For Unimat 3 & 4 Blade is 1.5mm wide 5.5mm high x 63mm long ..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Parting Off Toolholder and blade
Parting off toolholder 8mm shank and HSS blade. Blade is 1.5mm wide 5.5mm high x 63mm long Suita..
Ex Tax: £16.00

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