Golmatic MD23UWG Milling Machine

Golmatic MD23UWG Milling Machine
Brand: Golmatic
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Golmatic MD23UWG Milling Machine

The most Rigid and most Precise Bench Top Mill in the World! High-Quality - Low Cost

The Golmatic MD23 UWG is the same machine as the MD24, only without the standard equipment you get with the MD24 - namely central lubrication, horizontal milling arm, lathe turning facility, rapid height adjustment, fine feed device for quill - but the machine is prepared so you can select the extras you want to be factory installed with a new machine, or retrofit yourself at a later date.

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A new concept in high precision desktop machining GOLmatic MD23UWG

The Golmatic MD23UWG was especially developed for the quality orientated model engineer. The stability and precision of the Golmatic product line is considered "The World's Best". A new manufacturing concept for the MD23UWG has been developed which gives the buyer an incredible value for his investment.

The MD23UWG a "Desktop Universal Tooling Machine" has been developed under very strict DIN norms and thanks to its modular concept it can be upgraded to perform "Horizontal Milling", "Turning", "Broaching" and "Grinding". It can also be up graded to a very precise CNC unit equipped with ground ballscrews.

All guide ways are coated with Turkite Industrial Protection and preconfigured with lubrication channels for the optional Self Lubrication System.  The base configuration of the MD23UWG is equipped with precision ground lead screws and ground and polished ways.  The very precise ISO 30 tool holder guarantees the best tool holding with a great choice of tooling available.  The MD23UWG is also equipped with the infinitely variable speed Varicon motor manufactured by Hanning, Germany.

The working travel has been optimized for a very rigid desktop machine to X = 500mm, Y = 160mm and Z = 400mm.

Retrofit Options Available:

  • Central Lubrication System Kit
  • Motorised Z - Axis Kit for rapid heigh adjustment
  • Automatic Feed Option Kit for X and Y
  • Lathe Turning Kit including 3-jaw lathe chuck,tailstock and toolpost 
  • Horizontal Milling Arm with 27mm dia arbor
  • Ground Ball Screws for X and Y
  • Broaching/ Slotting Head with 0-80mm travel and +/- 90 degree rotation
  • Integrated Single Vise
  • Intergrated Double Vise
  • 3- Axis Digital Read Out
  • CNC - Stepper 3- or 4 axis CNC Control System and CAD/CAM Software

All retrofits come with installation instructions and can be installed by the customer.


Motor Output:

230v, 50/60 Hz, 1.1KW

High Precision Adjustable Spindle Bearings
Rotational Accuracy:

0.008 mm

Spindle RPM:

0 - 4500

Ground 20 * 2 mm Lead Screws


Tool Holder:

ISO30 (Optional MT2)

Adjustable Nuts


X - Travel:

500 mm

Adjustable keyways


Y - Travel:

160 mm

Keyway Configuration:

55%*20 polished

Z - Travel:

400 mm

Handwheel Scales:

0.01 mm

Z in Horizontal 

600 mm

Cast iron Composition:

GG 25

Quill Travel:

60 mm


 12 Months

Head Rotation:

0 - 90 degrees

Specification Norm:

DIN 8615

Head Rotation Scale:

5 min





 Golmatic MD23UWG


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