David 203 Norton Ceriani Lathe

David 203 Norton Ceriani Lathe

The David range of lathes are manufactured in mechanical cast iron and have all the constructive features and techniques of bigger machine-tools.
All the mechanical workings are executed exclusively in company according to national standards. All components used are of the highest quality. The machines are extremely reliable and have a centesimal precision. By customer request lathes can be ordered with optional accessories.  They can also be ordered in different versions which are non retrofittable.

Bed: The bed, in stabilised cast iron and suitably ribbed, provides maximum sturdiness and rigidity for the unit.

Headstock: Enbloc, well sized, guaranteeing maximum machining accuracy. 
Chuck spindle: The chuck spindle rotates on adjustable TIMKEN taper roller bearings.

Drive system: Machine drive is obtained by means of pulleys and V-belts.

Automatic feed box: Automatic feeds (David 202-203) take place by means of steel gears and a lead screw which rotate on self-lubrificating bushes.

Carriage: The carriage with apron is well proportioned and slides on dove tail guideways protected by oil scrapers; it is fitted with a self-adjusting jib.Traverses take place by means of a handwheel and rack gear.

Saddles: The saddles are sturdy and easy to adjust, equipped with precision screws mounted on ball bearings and with resettable verniers.

Tailstock: The adjustable tailstock is also equipped with a resettable vernier and is capable of withstanding very considerable turning and drilling stresses.

Every model conforms with the EEC directive n. 89/392.

The low voltage 24 V. AC electrical system includes: logic, complete with relays on printed wiring, starting key, pilot light, and emergency STOP button. 

The swarf screen and the access door are both protected by microswitches.

Machine Specification

Height of Centers 100 mm
Distance Between Centers 500 mm
Lathe Bed 120 mm
Swing Over Bed 200 mm
Swing Over Gap 260 mm
Swing Over Carriage 120 mm
Width Between Gap Edge and Bedplate Edge 60 mm
Spindle Diameter 100/125 mm
Spindle Hole 20/32 mm
Passage Bar 20/32 mm
Spindle Taper 3 Morse Taper
Cross Slide Travel 100 mm
Carriage Travel 60 mm
Rotation Angle of Carriage 45° + 45°
Tailstock Sleeve Travel 60 mm
Tailstock Sleeve Diameter 25 mm
Tailstock Taper 2 Morse Taper
Speed Range RPM n. 7 min. 1°  100 ÷ 1800
HP Motor 0.75 HP
Overal Dimensions 1000 x 470 x 350 mm
Approximate Weight Without Base 80/85 Kg



David 203 Norton Ceriani Lathe (single phase)

David 203 Norton Ceriani Lathe (single phase)

David 203 Norton Ceriani Lathe (single phase) Spring Sale - See Below and In STOCK Four aut..

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