A highly proficient engineer has producted an item to greatly assist with screw cutting using the Wabeco D 6000 lathe.  More details to follow but here is the You Tube link to explain it:

Screw Cutting Made Easier


Cherry Hill is a world famous, award winning model engineer.  She has been awarded 8 Duke of Edinburgh Tropies as well as many Gold and Silver Medals.  Cherry became an engineer because her father established a home workshop.  She gained a Degree from St Andrews University before joining the family firm designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery.  She was encouraged to participate in all aspects of the family operation gaining extensive knowledge of design and manufacture.

Cherry has recently completed a 1857 Robert Blackburn Traction Engine with a horizontal boiler mounted within the drum.  It took her 7 years (7,000 hours) to make and consists of 5,200 parts.  It is made to 1/16 scale of 3/4" to 1'.  The model is 12 1/2" long, 5 1/2" wide and 9 3/4" tall. To make this she used a Wabeco F1210 milling machine and she has kindly given us pictures of the finished article, enjoy.


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Gear Cutting

Here is example of a Wabeco F1210 and a Wabeco rotary table being used to cut a gear. The blank was made to the correct diameter, centre drilled and location holes drilled. Once drilled the gear blank was mounted in the rotary table and the dividing head was set. A light first cut was made for the entire circumference which can be seen in the first picture. Once the number of teeth and the circumference were confirmed then full depth cuts were made using one of our module cutters. The gear is for use in a model traction engine.

Check Location of the Teeth!                         Location Checked so Full cut made


Industrial Memorabilia

A customer collects industrial memorabilia and likes to display them.  He imported from the USA a solid brass tap which he thinks was to dispense soda because it is opened by squeezing the two top levers together.  There is a strong spring to prevent it being left on.

The nut was made from a solid brass bar 75mm in diameter.  The bar was held in a Wabeco rotary table but was actually cut using a NCCAD CNC program.  The machine used was a Wabeco CC-F1210E.  Once the hexagon was cut the material was transferred to a Wabeco D3000E lathe.  The central hole was bored out to size using a tipped tool.  The lathe was then set up to cut a 14tpi UNC thread.  The tool used was a brazed tip item because it was thought that a tipped tool may not be able to cut the thread to a sufficient depth to allow the rather rough thread of the tap to fit.  Once a fit was achieved the points of the hexagon were turned down to look like a normal nut.  The nut was then turned around and the back faced off.


A polishing mop mandrel was then placed in the lathe three jaw chuck and a mop screwed on.  Then very carefully the nut was polished to remove machine marks and achieve a bright smooth finish.  The odd dink was left in because the customer did not want a pristine nut.  Now it is finished it will be used as a paper weight to similar so it can be picked up.  Although quite heavy it is very tactile. 

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